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I love my tea. Black tea, green tea, white tea, herbal tea, fruit tea, any tea, as long as it's yummy. One of hubby and my pipe dreams is to run a tea shop. The kind with a menu of ...
Me time is tea time
The majority of you reading this have the childbirth thing at least once.  Some of you are seasoned hands! The question today (which could win you £50 worth of Matalan vouchers) is what should expectant Mums have in their hospital ...
What’s your best advice for a Mum to be?
This post has been brewing in me for a few days now.  Over the Christmas/New Year break I learned that 4 lovely friends experienced a traumatic holiday due to their male partners - 3 of which resulted in break ups. ...
Mums of sons need to take responsibility for the men of the future
Since throwing ourselves into home education, we have tried various ways of working our days and weeks.  We started with a wholly unstructured approach were we saw what took our fancy every day.  This was fun for a while, but ...
Home Education: structure?
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Lactofree Picnic-ing!
So it's back to school for most next week and I have to say BearCub and I survived ...
How to decorate your bedroom on a budget
Having your first baby or adding to your brood can be both an exciting and stressful time, not just ...
Things to do with the kids this Summer 4: I Believe in Unicorns
  Last week Bear Cub and I had the pleasure of viewing the opening performance of  Michael Morpurgo's 'I ...
George goes Maternity
I was first pregnant with Munchkin I struggled to find maternity clothes.  It was a shock to me ...
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We (Ruth Hill and Loretta Andrews) are two friends who met during our first-time mums’ antenatal classes in 2009. We are passionate about being the best mums we can be but also not losing our identity as women in the process.
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