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Hotel Chocolat – Mother’s Day gifts – Review
Hotel Chocolat – Mother’s Day gifts – Review

When an email dropped into our inbox asking if we’d like to review some Hotel Chocolat products I of course said no way….no way was I not going to NOT partake!! I’ve been a fan of Hotel Chocolat for a long time in part due to the fact that they have their own cocoa plantation in St Lucia – one half of my heritage – and actually have a Hotel Chocolat there on their Rabot Estate, yes an actual hotel in St Lucia based on and around chocolate, surely the definition of heaven on earth, but also because their chocolate is simply delicious!!  Well anyway, in short, I’m a fan! A hardcore fan!

Everyone who knows me understands that I’m more than a little partial to a bit of chocolate but that I’m also a bit snobby about it.  I only reach for the high street brands on period weeks when failing that a few dog chocolate drops would do the trick!  Other than those ‘desperate’ times I mostly only indulge in ‘proper’ chocolate.  This needs to have a low (ish) sugar content and high (ish) cocoa content and also be fairly traded.  Unfortunately in Hotel Chocolat’s case, their plantation is one of the reasons given for the company choosing not to be Fair Trade-accredited, as only smallholdings are allowed.  However they are one of the best high-end, affordable luxury chocolate brands available in the UK and believe me I’ve done a lot of research – i.e. I’ve eaten a lot of chocolate!

the-h-box-for-my-mum-selection-2014The idea with this review task was that we nominate another mummy blogger to pay forward the treat for Mother’s Day.  As some of you will know, my blogging partner in crime, Ruth, moved away to the country just before Christmas so we don’t get to hang out as much anymore although we still blog for MTAM together.  I really miss Ruth and Bear Cub misses Munchkin.  Ruth consistently supported me as a single mum, and continues to do so,  and is in general a great friend – so if it’s not cheating I want to nominate Ruth to receive some lovely Hotel Chocolat choccies – she more than deserves them.  Not only is she a great friend but she is also one of the mums I most admire in her parenting and general approach to the whole adventure of mummy-hood and quest to be a good woman at the same time! Yay!


As for my product, I don’t know what came over me but I opted for one of the Hotel Chocolat beauty products instead of choccies.  Perhaps because I’ve probably sampled most of what they have on offer chocolate wise and know it is all fab, and partly because I’m curious and partly because if I whack up the heating, put on my cossy and try out the products with my eyes closed, I may be able to convince myself I’m actually in St Lucia at The Hotel Chocolat….no?  Well no, but anyway my Cocoa Juvenate Body Butter arrived in its lovely luxurious packaging (Hotel Chocolat packaging alone excites me!!) and I eagerly unwrapped it.  The packaging says the Revive Body Butter contains conditioning Cocoa butter and Argan Oil.  It looked like a very classy and expensive product.  Being a brown girl I’m a fan of Body Butters and make daily use of them – perhaps the only resemblance to a beauty regime I have is slathering on the body butter after my shower each morning.  Anyway I do have to say, when I opened my Hotel Chocolat Body Butter I was disappointed that a) it wasn’t brown and that b) it didn’t smell like chocolate or even edible at all!! Now I realise my disappointment was a result of my fantasy gone too far and that if it was brown it would also look like baby poo and no one wants to rub that in their skin but nevertheless the strong, floral smell put me off at first.  However I then tried it out and I have to say, this body butter delivers!  It was non-greasy and easily absorbed leaving my skin feeling instantly moisturised, supple and soft.  Having tried many Body Butters as I have already said, I could tell this was a cut above the rest.

I’ve since used it a few times and just love it now.  As well as having grown accustomed to the smell, which with my window open and the spring sunshine coming through only makes me ever more determined to at some point make it to the Hotel Chocolat on the Rabot Estate in St Lucia one day – oh yes, that dream will one day be mine, but it is also just a really great product.

In the meantime, why not check out the Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Juvenate Revive Body Butter and treat yourself to your own fantasy – a great and well deserved way to spend some me-time this Mother’s Day.  And if that doesn’t do it for you then their delicious chocolates will hit the spot instead for sure!!


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