How children teach us to dream big

One of my main passions in life is to encourage others to go out there and live their dreams.  I literally get so excited when I see people begin to dig around underneath the disappointments, fears and failures and begin to rediscover what it is they used to dream about and believe for before life got in the way. This really was the motivation behind me launching More than a Mum with Ruth.

Children are a fantastic example of dreaming big.  They have no inhibitions, no doubts that they can be what they want to be, go where they want to go and have what they want to have in life – no matter how crazy it may sound.  They pretty much live each day to the full with wide-eyed curiosity at the little things in life – a snail climbing a branch, the washing machine going round or a good stick found in the garden.  As they explore and discover the world without fear and intimidation they appreciate the big and small things in life.  Things that we as adults forget to notice, are too busy to notice or saddest of all, do notice but are uninspired by the discoveries!

However, I believe lurking beneath the surface (ok buried very deeply down) our dreams remain and although may be more than a little stifled and squashed – they remain alive.  With just the smallest amount of digging along with a little nurturing, watering and making space for – the tiniest green shoot peeps through to the surface.  The results benefit everyone – you feel great, those around you feel great and as a more fulfilled woman, I believe,  you ultimately become a better mother.

Go on, do a little digging and see what you find – I dare you!


  • Emma

    The other inspiration I get is my sons school values. This month is courage! I now have the courage to dream big, very big! Thanks for an extra inspiration this week.

  • Lisa

    I’d love to write a book. Maybe being a mother will inspire me in some way. Although, finding the time will be the difficult bit. I also dream about taking my children to the places in the world that I found interesting during my travelling days; india, south america and so on.

    • morethanamummy

      I have a freind who started writing her frst book in her first pregnancy and is now doing her second and has 2 children. She said it isn’t easy but she just grabs time when she can in nap time and evenings and sometimes her partner has the kids and she goes to a coffeeshop for an hour to write – so it can be done! Go for it! I love the idea of travelling with my son too!

  • Having children did sew a seed in my mind.. 5 years ago. Five years after my son called down from the loo: ” I need to eat more porridge mum, I can’t poo!”, and I Know Why It’s Yum, Mum! was born. Just trying to help convince our children that eating all those fruit and veg IS as good for their bodies as their mummies say it is.

    • morethanamummy

      Fantastic! I heard that something like 70% of inventions/ideas for children’s products come from mums who have been inspired by their experiences or see a lack or gap in the market!

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