More than a Mum: session one

Wow, what a weekend! I don’t know if any of you picked up on the sticker on the lady in our Silent Sunday, but it said More than a Mum and she was wearing it because she was enjoying her massage at our inaugural ‘More than a Mum’ session on Saturday.

We had a great day.  We met some lovely ladies.  On the Mum side, we looked at child development, what to expect when and how to develop your child.  On the woman side, we explored goal setting and rediscovering your dreams and passions.  Oh, and there were also the pamper treats! The ladies had a chance to sample a relaxing neck, shoulder and head massage from Davinder at Opulence Holistic Therapies, to chat with Lesley from Arbonne about beauty products and skin care and to have their nails done by Sylwia from Nails by Sylvia.

More than a Mum nail painting

Beautiful nails: a perk of the session

More than a Mum beauty

Chatting about skin care

As you can see by the photos the Ladies enjoyed discussing and considering their children’s development and their own self development.  Hopefully they have set themselves a range of goals and by next session they will have taken some steps towards achieving something new.

The photos also tell you how much the ladies enjoyed their well earned pampering.  One lady said it was her first massage in 6 years!

More than a Mum massage

Enjoying a massage

The other thing that our ladies enjoyed was meeting and chatting with other women in the same situation in the lovely surroundings of The Grove Ealing.

Thank you to all of you who came, we look forward to seeing you at the next session.  There are still a couple of spaces on our 24th March session, so if you would like to join in and gain a bit more understanding about children’s reading, dare to dream about yourself and your future whilst also enjoying a pamper treat, email us at for more information.



  • it sounded like a wonderful day, glad you all enjoyed it!

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