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I am sitting here on the first day that I have had all to myself in a long time.  I am 38 weeks and 6 days pregnant.  Munchkin is at nursery and hubby is at work.  I was looking forward to having this day all to myself, but now it’s here I am unsure how to fill it.  This, I am assured, is perfectly normal. So as a busy person who can’t manage to sit still I am intending to put my time to go use, including learning how to make a blog badge and ask you to all join in.

So far I have, spent time on facebook and twitter, replied to More than a Mum emails, set up future More than a Mum blog posts, done two loads of washing, stripped the beds and re-made them, been to Costa for a coffee and watched a bit of breakfast TV – it’s only 2pm.  I am a little concerned that I am incapable of relaxing. So there’s nothing for it, but to blog about it!

I do not feel guilty about this me-time.  Heck it’s the last I’m going to have for a little while with B2 on the way.  My house is clean and tidy and there aren’t any baby-chores left to do really.  I get tired walking to the shops and OH has the car so that he can shoot back from work if necessary, so staying close to home is probably sensible. I feel much more healthy and better in myself than I have done over the last month or so.  I feel surprisingly calm about the on-set of birth for the second time, so all in all I should be in the perfect place to enjoy my me-time and yet I wish I had booked something for myself to help me ‘do-nothing’ as I am not finding that very easy.

Perhaps I should have booked a day at a spa, or a massage, manicure or facial… Perhaps I should just lighten up, get out my book or head back to bed.  Goodness knows that sleep is pretty important and will be like gold dust pretty soon and yet I feel like I can’t ‘waste’ this time by sleeping.  Think of all the things I could get done… even though there aren’t really very many things I need to get done!

So here I sit, pootling on the computer, typing up blogs to save me time in the next few weeks when the baby comes and trying to get another chapter of my e-book written.  Well, I might not be very good at doing nothing, but at least I am prepared!

And on that note, as I said in the opening, I want to teach myself something new with this time,  and am going to attempt to set up a little blog hop/link/meme to enable us to share our Mum me-time activities and suggestions and in the process leave how to make one of those clever link up badges.

So, to help me out next time (and if the baby is on time I will have another one of these next week so all answers gratefully received) I ask you all the following questions.  Or alternatively just link up a me-time post you have on your blog.  We’d love to read around me-time.

1)      Do you have the same problem of not knowing what to do in the rare occurrence of me-time?

2)      Do you have any hints and tips for being able to relax and do not much of anything?

3)      What would be on your list if you had a day to yourself?

4)      If I get the same next week, what should be on my list?

Please either leave answers to this blog as a comment, or add your own Mummy me-time post to your blog answering the questions and adding any other hints and tips.  Then grab the badge below and leave a link to your post in the comments… now to learn how to make that badge and the code for you to grab it…

More than a Mum me time

Well that all looks like it is doing what it should… please let me know if it isn’t (not that I’ll probably know how to fix it but hey!)

With thanks to: Coombemill for helping me to see a blog badge that works and www.mypregnancybaby.com for a tutorial which explained the whys and wherefores of html badge making.


Thanks to Fiona for our first linked up post: Mums on tour


  • hi, i loved reading your post, like you I can’t keep still, but I assure you that I would def know what to do with some me time… first I think a lovely swim goes a long way especially if you are pregnant, then cooking a lovely lunch just for yourself or for you and a friend, then a loong nap! and if there is still time doing some yoga or gettin g a massage or both… maybe even watching some tv since now the only things i can watch are cartoons with my daughter :-). Also with my 1st pregnancy i found really helpful to just lie down and listen to some hypno birthing tapes, i found it extremely relaxing and really useful during labour and I had a reason to lie down!

  • Loving the new badge and glad I could be of help in creating it! I remember feeling just like you when I went on maternity leave with number 2. Everything done by 9am and wondering how to fill the day! Now with my own business there is never a spare minute but I do take time out for a girls night away. Linking up my last one.

  • I have a massive problem just stopping, I can’t do it – the closest I can get to stopping is yoga.

    But when I want to have some time just for me, a bit of creative play or crafting is my absolute favourite thing to do. One of the activities I love doing with mums who don’t give themselves enough time is Bake A Pie-Chart – making a pie chart of how you spend the hours of your day, and illustrating your me-time with a piece of real pie.

    The best bit is that of course you get to eat your me-time slice of pie. And if you’re still hungry after, it’s tasty proof that you need to give yourself some more me-time 😉

    Hope you have a go too Ruth if you’re still baby-free next week!


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