Turning your hobby into Cash – Part 6

Part 6 in our series on turning your hobby into cash is provided by Sarah Mitchell who actually attended one of our MTAM courses last year.  It is fantastic to see a busy mum grow her ideas into businesses before our eyes.  We’re sure you’ll find it hugely inspirational.


1)      What is your hobby?

Building websites.  I have four so far, all based around topics that I was researching for myself e.g. leak-proof baby cups, a children’s party at home, travel games for the family.

2)      Was this a hobby you started when you became a mother or something you have always done?

Started after I became a mother

3)      What motivated you into monetising your hobby?

I read a book called ‘Get Out While You Can’ by George Marshall which contains lots of ideas for making money from the internet, so I thought I‘d give it a try!

4)      How did you develop your hobby into something more?

All of my websites are still under development at the moment, but I have used Google Adsense and other websites’ affiliate schemes to offer advertising that is relevant and useful to the reader, but also pays me a return.

5)      Do you consider what you are doing now to be a business or a self-funding hobby?

A self-funding hobby, but I‘m still hoping!

6)      What do you gain from this venture?

Mostly knowledge about building websites and how internet business works.  I’m a stay at home mum, so just thinking about anything that is not directly related to the children is a bit of a relief!

7)      Who is your target audience/customer?

So far, all of my websites are aimed at parents, as the subject matter is information that I had found out for my own family, and then developed into a website.

8)      What advice would you give to another Mum who was thinking about turning a hobby into something more?

Start small.  It won’t work for all hobbies, but if you can start with a small part of what you want to achieve, without risking too much, then you are more likely to get started altogether.  I think building your project in manageable steps also leaves you some flexibility for all that family life can throw at you.

9)      How do people contact you/find out more about your businesses?

Have a look at my websites!





And I tweet as @easymagicparty – feel free to get in touch!

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