Turning your Hobby into Cash – Part 9

We are now up to part 9 in our guest post series on turning your hobby into cash. This week’s is provided by Alice from ‘Alice’s studio’ a hub for creative start-ups…
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1) What is your hobby?
I have many!! But for the purposes of this interview I’ll focus on Alice’s Studio – my blog that offers support to anyone thinking of starting their own small creative business.
2) Was this a hobby you started when you became a mother or something you have always done?
I have only very recently launched Alice’s Studio and being a mum is definitely part of the catalyst for why I set it up in the first place. I really wanted to share the skills and knowledge I’ve learned over the years and I knew that I wanted to work for myself, so what I had to do was create my own business that was going to fulfill all my needs but that felt honest and worthy too. I love every single part of being a blogger right now and it’s totally awesome that I get to spend time being the parent I want to be.
3) What motivated you into monetising your hobby?
4) How did you develop your hobby into something more?
I did my research and then I educated myself in the areas I needed to and I rolled all that up with my existing knowledge and experience and just went for it. I’m very comfortable with risk taking, if you want to develop a business idea at some point you just have to jump.
5) Do you consider what you are doing now to be a business or a self-funding hobby?
A business
6) What do you gain from this venture?
I’ve already gained a much-needed link to a wider community of creatively minded people whom I feel I can share ideas and offer something I’m passionate about.
7) Who is your target audience/customer?
Mostly women who would like to start their own small creative business but either don’t have any idea in what or they have the idea but aren’t sure where to start.
8) What advice would you give to another Mum who was thinking about turning a hobby into something more?
I’m a great believer in what you put out there you will attract back. A great way to start on any business idea is to sign yourself up on Pinterest if you haven’t already, and get a pin board going that’s focused on whatever business idea you have and just start collecting visual images that inspire you. Look at this board everyday and update it as often as possible with quotes, beautiful pictures, how you want your dream office to look, whatever you like that fits around your ideas for how you want your future business to look and feel. You might be surprised at how much a few positive images can motivate you and get your butt moving in the right direction!
9) How do people contact you/find out more about your businesses?
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