Turning your Hobby into Cash – Part 11

This week’s guest post in our series on turning your hobby into a business comes from Face and body artist, Kimberley Nkosi.


1)    What is your hobby?

I am a face and body artist specialising in face and body artistry for both children and adults and all things nails!

2)    Was this a hobby you started when you became a mother or something you have always done?

I had always loved the art of face painting and just done this as a hobby at first but kept seeing more complex designs and wanting to become a master of the trade! Friends and family would get me to do parties for them where I would get a lot of enquiries and people wanting me to do their children’s parties, but I had never looked at it as a potential career until I was on maternity leave….

3)    What motivated you into monetising your hobby?

Whilst on maternity leave money was sparse! we were looking at the cost of childcare on my return to work which was killing me as I really wanted to be able to look after my little girl myself, the mortgage costs and everything else that comes with trying to live when suddenly I had the light bulb moment or the Homer Simpson style ‘DOH’ I had a skill one that was completely flexible and one that if marketed right could make money and work around my family!! However I still hung onto the day job part-time in order to fund my venture.

4)    How did you develop your hobby into something more?

I set about working out a budget; I made a spider chart of things that needed doing like the website! And then I sat down and did what I consider to be the hardest part and that was putting finger to key board and establishing what I was about, where I wanted to go and establishing my target audience.

5)    Do you consider what you are doing now to be a business or a self-funding hobby?

I consider my hobby to now be a business! And one that I am continuously going to push, grow and develop.

6)    What do you gain from this venture?

The biggest gain of all is that I am able to be with my little girl who is now 19 months old for the best part of the week. It’s completely flexible in a sense that if iv hit my personal targets I don’t always need to work every weekend,Iv had so many different opportunities presented to me like most recently working at London fashion week. It challenges me on a daily basis and I’ll be honest I don’t always like aspects of it like the accounts! But hey I’m my own boss my family are happy. I’m happy what more could I want!

7)    Who is your target audience/customer?

I’m lucky that I have a few aspects to my job I specialise in children’s face painting so parents like us, adult face artistry/makeup and nails being a huge beauty influence that gets bigger and bigger each year! Even men like a good mani nowadays!

8)    What advice would you give to another Mum who was thinking about turning a hobby into something more?

I’d say go for it, you’ve jumped the biggest hurdle which is child birth/having a child and raising a family, everything else is a walk in the park!

9)    How do people contact you/find out more about your businesses?

I advertise on yell.com, on all of the free forums like gumtree and Thomson local, and my biggest advertiser of all is the social networking forums like face book and twitter which helped push The SEO of my website and has got me a wealth of jobs and of course word of mouth, family and friends.

E:hello@slap-london.co.uk W:www.slap-london.co.uk T:07595979160 F:Facebook.com/Slaplondon T:@slaplondon



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