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One of our aims with MTAM is to encourage mums to rediscover their identity as a woman as well as being a great mum.  By giving space and creating some time for your own desires, hobbies, ambitions and passions, really can help you to be a better mum in turn as you become more fulfilled yourself.

We recognise that carving out a little me-time in the life of a busy mum is no easy accomplishment.  Everything else always seems more important or of a higher priority.  However, hopefully we have shown in various blog posts that it is possible to find a small amount of time now and then and that it really can make a difference.  Investing in yourself is a fantastic way to see it.  As you invest in yourself you probably don’t realise it but you are investing in your child and your family.  And as we always say it can start with the smallest of steps.  Realistic, achievable goals are best or you’ll just overwhelm yourself and feel discouraged.  Once you have done one step, however, small you simply take the next one forward from there.  It may be slow but it will be moving in the right direction.  It really is that easy!

Perhaps the first step is thinking about what it is you’d like to do, achieve or start.  Then write it down – commit it to paper and it suddenly becomes clearer and more real.  Then talk to someone you trust about it – for some advice, support and encouragement.  Finally, start – no matter how small your first step may be it is actually getting on with it and doing it that counts.

Ruth and I first started chatting (well moaning to start with) with babes in arms about the fact that we didn’t want to lose our identities now that we were mums and we longed for something to fulfill is that worked around our new role as parents.  Our first step was to brainstorm a load of ideas and some of them were pretty crazy I can tell you.  Our small step was to start the MTAM blog.  We really enjoyed it and the topics we wrote about seemed to resonate with many other mums out there.  We then moved on to courses locally. Our presence on Facebook and Twitter really grew and we discovered a whole community of mums who are virtual colleagues and friends and constant sources of encouragement and inspiration.  We would love to, and aim to, develop MTAM a lot further but it already has achieved perhaps more than we expected considering the little spare time we both have.   Today we’re attending BRITMUMS LIVE 2013 to see how we can take our blog to the next level.  We’re looking forward to connecting with other bloggers and putting faces to names as well as learning from the experts and we’re very excited about the next two days.  It’s a way of investing in MTAM and investing in ourselves.

So we just want to encourage you once again to dream, dream big and then go for it!

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