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Review: Chessington World of Adventures
Review: Chessington World of Adventures

Last Sunday we were invited to attend a Mumsnet Bloggers event at Chessington World of Adventures.  Chessington want to improve the experience of families 0-5 year olds, and publicise how much there is for them to do at the park, as well as launching their Octonauts experience.  So on Sunday morning, Munchkin, B2, Munchkin’s Friend (BFFS) OH and I packed into the car and headed off for our day of fun!

I like to move it

The girls showing off their moves!

We arrived at the park and we treated to Brunch (something Munchkin had been very excited to experience) in the resort hotel.  I didn’t realise they had a hotel, but with the amount to do on site being far too much for one day I can see the appeal for families.  The hotel has suites with child-friendly camping sections an animal print areas for grown ups (rarh!). In the hotel conference room they had set up a big screen showing Octonauts on loop with bean bags to sit on.  I think Munchkin would have been very happy if that had been her whole experience!

B2 chilling on the table!

B2 chilling on the table!

After a talk we were taken to the Sea Life Centre aquarium and the little ‘uns completed the Octonauts trail.  It was a little crowded with all the bloggers and competition winners heading through together, but we loitered for a while until the crowd died down so that Munchkin and BFFS could really look at  the exhibits.

Aquarium chessington

After that we saw the sealion show, which was very impressive, with the added attraction of guest seagull who we all had to boo!  We then headed back to the hotel for our complimentary lunch.  BFFS had a re-charging nap, B2 a feed and OH took Munchkin to the viewing platform at the back of the hotel to look at the safari park.

 Sealion show


Next it was time to meet the Octonauts.  Munchkin was as usual a little suspicious of people in large foam costumes, but after two attempts and the promise Daddy would come too, we did get photos!

Meeting octonauts

We then headed up to the Sky Safari monorail.  It was a long hot queue, but great fun to see the park from the air and a good way to plan what we wanted to do next.

Sky safari

As part of our package we had been given fast track passes to some of the most popular toddler rides.  The tiny truckers, toadies crazy cars and flying jumbos all proved a big hit.  One thing that proved a challenge at points, however, was the fact that under 1.1 meter children  have to be accompanied on many of the rides.  With B2 in tow I couldn’t fit on a number of the rides, so OH had to accompany both children. On some rides, this was easily done together, but on the flying jumbos this meant two separate trips and one child having to just watch.  Although not the end of the world, it is definitely something worth planning for.

Tiny truckersFlying jumbos








The area of the park which we felt was the best for Munchkin’s age group was ‘Land of the Dragons’.  There are various rides they can go on as well as a soft play and a water-squirting dragon!

Land of DragonsLand of dragons boatsSir squirt a lot


Munchkin and BFFS also loved the Madagascar Live show.  On a beautiful sunny day like Sunday the lack of shade was too much for B2, so we had to sneak off, but the girls had a fantastic time dancing, singing and watching.

Madagascar live

The only real disappointment of the day was that we didn’t get time to do Zufari or see the baby Gorillas in the Zoo, but as I said at the beginning, there is definitely too much to do in one day.


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