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Today on the blog we are proud to be a stop on the   Story of Mum: Mums making an exhibition of ourselves. It is a touring programme of exhibitions and events in galleries and online that aims to put mothers in the spotlight. That sounds like just our cup of tea! We have also teamed up with to offer you the chance to win a limited edition print from Jason Munro worth £40, so keep reading!

So, Story of Mum’s exhibition celebrates motherhood, explores the impact of mothering on our identities, and encourages mums worldwide to share their stories in words, photos, collage and film. If you’ve never visited Story of Mum then please do, Pippa curates many wonderful pieces created by Mums to explore their roles.  She also runs Make Date activities via twitter and her website with fun crafty activities to help you think about who you are both as a Mum and as a woman.

Those hosting the exhibition like us,  are asked to choose one item from the existing exhibition, create one item to add to the exhibition, and share their thoughts on these and their identity in motherhood… so here goes!


The first piece that we have chosen to curate is a story from Memorable Moments of Mum, which I love for various reasons.  The first reason that I think this story is great is it shows how timeless the art (because it is an art) of motherhood is. Renee was born in 1928 and parts of her story of motherhood are no doubt very different to my own journey, and yet so much is similar. The second reason I love it is it is one of the stories from a pop-up exhibition which was held last year to celebrate Mums and it is one of the reasons that I first got to k now Pippa from s Story of Mum.

I won’t reproduce the whole story here you can read the full transcript on Story of Mum. My favourite sections show how a great Mum has to be able to understand what kids really enjoy.  We all have moments where this is really difficult, but when we get it right, everyone has fun.

I was a laid back mum, I remember once being in a discussion group of young mums. They were saying how terrible it was in the summer holidays, and they didn’t know what to do with the children. I suggested giving them a bucket of water and telling them to go into the garden and make a mess? Of course, nobody liked me after that.

One child’s mother came to collect him from our house, and found him going down our stairs on a tea tray, as if he were on a ski slope. She said, “You can’t do that! What will Renee say?” He replied: “Aunty Renee taught me how to do it!”

I also love her outlook of Motherhood in general:

I object very much to these self-help books that tell you how to bring up a child; you could do it with one child and it will work fine, but not with another child.  Every mother is different, too.  How you feel one year is not necessarily how you’ll feel the next year.


The second thing that we have chosen to curate is a picture from the Mama Mash Up section.  In this activity you chose two or more pictures which reflect different elements of you and cut them and re-stick them to show your various sides.  I have chosen this one because I think it says a lot about the relationship between woman and Mum.  It is perhaps also a good reflection of Loretta and I!  I am definitely the wellies and she is the fantastic red heels!

story of mumCREATED…

The final element is to create something and for this I have to thank Dina from Kensington Mums. Her real-life exhibition of Motherhood teamed up with Pippa’s Story of Mum exhibition and so Loretta and I both took part in the “I’m and Mum and…” activity.  Where you have to sum up in one (or two words) what your many and varied roles as a Mum include. Here are our two photos.  What do you think of our chosen words?  What would you chose?

somum Ruthsomum Lor











So as I promised at the beginning of the post, we have got a competition for you.  You have the chance to win an endearing limited edition print by Brighton based illustrator, Jason Munro.  The print comes from  via,who want to enable everyone to enjoy art, by making it more accessible and affordable. They sell limited edition prints from as little as £15 and oil paintings from £75 upwards.

Jason Munro cat

The print you can win is a character especially created for Britmums so you won’t find it for sale anywhere.  Pippa also has a copy of the print which she will give you a chance to win if you if you upload a picture of your “Do Not Disturb, Mummy is…” door hanger anytime in July. The door hanger activity is also the subject of her next Make Date, so if you are not successful here you can have another go with Story of Mum.

You can enter our competition in various ways below.  Good luck!
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  • What a fabulous combination of influences! I love how your exhibition links together the collections from our travelling exhibition, Proshanti’s original pop up motherhood collection, and Dina’s motherhood exhibition. Such wide-ranging and yet deeply connected projects – and much like motherhood – we are all so different and yet share such powerful connections through this wonderful difficult experience of motherhood we all share. Thank you xx

  • katie skeoch

    I’m a Mum and unpaid chauffeur :)

  • kelly harper

    chief maid :S

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