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Our flexible working Mums theme continues this Friday with a post from Rosalind at The Freelance Parent’s Network.  This is a post you will definitely want to read if you have dreams of working part-time, from home, around the kids, but without having to set up a business from scratch. You can see other options for flexible working here and an interesting idea for a work space here.

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By Rosalind Kent

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If you are on a career break as a stay-at-home parent, you may be thinking about returning to work as your children get older. Taking that step back into employment can be daunting, and finding a job that you can fit in around your family life is not always an easy task.

Rosalind Kent, owner of Freelance Parents Network, was faced with this precise dilemma. When her daughter started pre-school she wanted to make use of the time she had free during the day, but couldn’t find a job that would let her work the hours she needed to fit in with caring for her daughter. She decided to try freelancing and, after much hunting around, found work as a freelance writer.

Anyone who has stepped into the world of freelancing will know that searching for work is a huge part of the job, and many spend more time looking for work than actually doing it! Having spoken to many other parents about the issue, Rosalind spotted a gap in the market for connecting professional parents who want to try their hand at freelancing with opportunities in their local area.

The ideology behind the site is that both freelancers and companies can benefit from a more flexible arrangement. The flexible nature of being a freelancer means that parents can fit in paid work alongside a busy life looking after their children, and businesses can hire them as and when they are needed. Another advantage for businesses is that they can save money and time looking for staff in the traditional way and find excellent local talent on their doorstep.

It is free for a company to make a job request, unlike advertising a position or using an agency to fill a role. A company simply emails the website with their job requirements and the role is emailed out to all suitable candidates on the database. Registered freelancers come from a variety of professions, but the vast majority are taking time out from professional careers and have many years of experience behind them, so a business knows that their job request is being put before a database of high calibre candidates.

The company is then presented with a list of possible freelancers and can take their pick. The freelancer will outline their suitability for the role in order to help the company decide which candidate is right for them.

Remember, you don’t have to own a business or company to make a job request – you might be another parent wanting a child-minder, tutor, party planner or beauty therapist. All these professions are represented on the Network and it costs nothing to find out if we have the perfect freelancer for you!

If you want to become a freelancer yourself it is free to sign up to Freelance Parents Network. Thanks to an interview on BBC Radio Kent – and the far reaching powers of Twitter! – the Network currently has freelancers signed up from all over the UK, and beyond. Parents from a wide range of professions have signed up, from lawyers to beauty therapists, accountants to photographers, web designers to child minders – whatever your skill set you are welcome to register with Freelance Parents Network.

Visit to read all about the website and to sign up as either a freelancer or hirer. To submit any enquiry, or to ask about finding the perfect candidate for your freelance role, email them at




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