Me time is tea time

I love my tea. Black tea, green tea, white tea, herbal tea, fruit tea, any tea, as long as it’s yummy. One of hubby and my pipe dreams is to run a tea shop. The kind with a menu of teas that reads more like a wine list.  The kind where you could sit for hours sipping different teas with their own unique flavours, reading a book, chatting and drinking tea…Then we remember how hard, and how many hours people who run cafes work and how we would not be the people doing the sipping and we reconsider!  Anyway, I digress. I love tea and so when there was a free sample at the till of my local farm shop, I picked one up for a quick cuppa when I returned home.

The tea was called Laid Back Botanicals, and was made by a company I hadn’t heard of, called Teatonics.  They are a Dorset based company, hence the sample just over the border, in my local, Wiltshire farm shop.  The tea was a blend of green rooibos, which I had never tried with elderflower, hops, lavender and chamomile.  Sounds very calming, doesn’t it? Well I am pleased to report that it was.  So I immediately headed online to find out more and, as is often the way, my first port of call was to tweet @teatonics and tell them how yummy their tea was.

As with many young companies, they know the power of social media and there was someone on the end of the tweet, and within a moment we were chatting tea…and I was being cheeky. I had been told by the man at the till of the farm shop that they had run out of the green teabag (Yerba Mate, with grapefruit, citrus peel, peppermint and rosehips, called Mind Awakening Yerba Mate) and so I wanted to try some.  Fancy a review? I tweeted (#cheeky #prrequest) and those lovely people at Teatonics popped a sample box in the post to me, complete with both flavours. Mmmmm.

So, here’s the review.  I am a very big fan of the Laid Back Botanicals. It is really refreshing and relaxing.  The lavender is beautifully calming and yet not overpowering as the flavour can sometimes be.  The chamomile, hops and elderflower give a wonderful floral, fresh and yet very relaxing flavour.  And the green rooibos?  I definitely prefer it to normal rooibos, which I often fine to be too intense.

The Mind Awakening Yerba Mate (pronounced like satay, as the promotional literature helpfully told me, or else Yerba was going to be my new best mate) is also delicious.  It is a brighter and more vibrant flavour than the Laid Back.  The citrus flavours are really fresh and zingy.  It is also better brewed at just below boiling.  The promotional information told me 80 degrees c, and it definitely produces a more delicate flavour that way.  The individual teabags don’t seem to tell you this though.

I will definitely be buying more of both flavours of the tea.  The Laid Back will run out in our household first, I think, as it is now my drink of choice before bed every night.


  • Carol Cameleon

    Oh yes, I love herbal tea too! I can’t remember the last time I had a ‘normal’ cup of tea! One of my faves at the mo is camomile and honey :)

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