Mums spend more money on their children’s clothes than their own

94% of mothers spend more on their child’s wardrobe than their own (and nearly half feel guilty about spending money on clothes for themselves)

A new survey by Lakeside Shopping Centre has found that mothers are putting their children first in the style stakes, with 94 per cent spending more on their child’s wardrobe than their own.

A third of mothers would spend £100 on one item of clothing for their child, even though they will soon grow out of it. In comparison, they would only spend a measly total of £200 per year on clothes for themselves.

As a result, it seems that some mothers are neglecting their own wardrobes with almost half (46 per cent) of mums feeling guilty about spending money on clothes for themselves.
This is the sort of article that 3 years ago I would have scoffed at, however, post-baby I am mortified to realise I completely identify

Having worked in the music industry for many years (and having been a female all my life) shopping for clothes was always took up a sizable portion of my time, money and thoughts.  When I became pregnant I endeavoured to be a stylish mum.  Then Bear Cub arrived!  No, in actual fact it happened before he even graced us with his presence.  As I became larger and larger so that any outfit looked like a small marquee on me, I focused my attention on buying clothes for my mini-me.  I think the only saving grace here was that I didn’t know which flavour I was having so had to by non-gender specific outfits which of course limited my indulgence.

Once Bear Cub arrived I assumed I’d be less inclined to buy for a boy as I would had he been a girl – WRONG!  I cannot, it seems, go into a department store without visiting the children’s clothing section – FIRST! Before spraying on the latest fragrance, before trawling through sale items in fashion and lingerie is just bypassed altogether.   On a rare moment out by myself in a shopping centre it’s like it doesn’t occur to me to look for clothes for myself at least not in the intentional way I used to.

And the guilt factor also resonates with me (why do we mums specialise in it?) I f I do buy something for myself I sometimes feel as though I have to make sure I’m also going home with a little something for Bear Cub too.  I’d hate to work it out but I’m pretty sure I have spent way more on Bear-Cub’s wardrobe than my own in the last few years.

Please don’t tell me I’m alone in this mums?


  • I definately buy more clothes for my daughter than for me or my husband… and actually I enjoy buying my daughter clothes far more than buying for myself. I think its a mother’s instinct to put your child first. I would always choose to buy my daughter things before myself.

    • morethanamummy

      I really enjoy buying clothes for Bear Cub too which is why I do it I guess! However, if we no longer spend some time and effort on us we only have ourselves to blame if we feel like a frumpy mum! May be we could do a little of both instead of a lot of one and none of the other?

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  • Yes this is so true for me. Buying clothes for my daughter replaces things I buy for myself most of the time! Probably because buying a dress for a 7-month old doesn’t make me feel fat and old…lol

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