Vlog: Performance Poetry

I have had a pretty inspiring week.  Various things have got me thinking about our feelings about ourselves since becoming Mums; our place in society and our Mummy body image and so, with Loretta away and still blogging more often than me (shame on me) I though I could use this inspiration for good and attempt our first VLog.

So, the inspiration… Firstly, Hollie McNish. I finally got around to watching her performance poem about breastfeeding. It was great. Clever, artistic and with such an important message. In the wake of the woman who was thrown out of a job centre for the ‘disgusting’ behaviour  of breastfeeding her child (an apology has been issued) Hollie McNish’s poem Embarrassed comments about society being happy to have women’s breasts exposed on magazines in every newsagents and yet so offended by women naturally feeding their children, seemed very pertinent. I also loved her style, her poetry and spent a very happy evening browsing You Tube and thinking on her poems. (Many are great for getting kids thinking too).

My second source of inspiration was from Story of Mum. This month’s Make Date was in celebration of Mum bodies, there were discussion, modelling clay mummies and poetry writing, all in celebration of our mummy bodies and to help us think about how our attitudes and body image issues may or may not effect our children. You can catch up if you missed it, in Pippa’s blog post here.

Another issue which I had been thinking on for a while came from a few weeks ago, when Prince George was born. OK magazine were slammed for their front cover about Kate’s weight loss regime. The poor woman had only given birth a matter of hours before and already there was discussion on her dieting and losing weight. Among the Mummy bloggers who spoke out in disgust about this was Katie Hill. A media figure who must herself have felt pressure to conform to body ideal she happily shared photos of herself post birth sporting a ‘mummy tummy’ just like the rest of us.

So, I was inspired, I wrote something and now I am going to brave sharing it with you. I hope you like it.




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