A quick update: Mutu week 3

mutu DVD 200sq

So I have just finished week 3 of the Mutu system 12 week program and I am definitely starting to see some results.  I don’t own scales, (for me they do more harm than good) but I am definitely feeling and looking slimmer. I can fit in trousers I couldn’t before and have much less over-hang.  I have also stopped feeling bloated by the end of the day, so that it fantastic. I do still however have a saggy and soggy belly…here’s to the next 9 weeks!

As for the program itself, this week saw the introduction of the first ‘intensive’ workout and it did make me sweat!  It is only 20 minutes.  I have to do it 4 times a week (honestly I managed 3: will do better next week). It doesn’t use much fancy equipment and I have substituted weights for bean cans.  It is also actually surprisingly fun!

I have still been walking everyday. In fact the day that the car had to go into the garage and I had a meeting, I walked 8 miles! I am trying to keep my food choices good, although this week we had pizza for hubby’s birthday…but I didn’t order the extras I usually would!

I have also been doing the core exercises everyday.  I have even found that I can get many of them done during the day whilst looking after the kids, which means I don’t have to find the extra time.

Take a look at my journey so far here.

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