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While motherhood is definitely one of life’s greatest joys, it can also be one of life’s most time and energy consuming and, unless you have full-time help, one of life’s most overwhelming jobs.

Most of us mums, especially those new mothers and those with multiple children, find it difficult to balance work and quality time with our families, thus making time for ourselves is not a top priority. Add a full-time job or school, and the odds of having spare time to yourself is even less feasible. Simple activities such as enjoying a cup of coffee while reading a magazine or newspaper are no longer basic routines. Embarking on social endeavors, like a last minute night out on the town with your mates or an intimate dinner with your significant other, are often cast aside as these pleasures can be more of a hassle than they’re worth.

Even daily beauty rituals that you used to take for granted are no longer easily accomplished—whether it be applying makeup or doing your hair—making time for basic self-maintenance when you’re a busy mum can often seem virtually impossible. Although it may seem like you never have enough time for you, there are many ways that active mothers can pamper themselves without sacrificing quality time with their families and children. Here are a few easy tips for carving out time for yourself while still caring for your family.

Rise Early and Get Some Me Time

Wake up ahead of your family for some quiet, alone time. Use this time to engage in a relaxing, soothing activity such as yoga or jogging as these activities allow you to work both your mind and body. They also offer the opportunity for some time to reflect and mentally prepare yourself for the hectic day you have scheduled.

Give Yourself a Daily Treat

You reward your children with special treats when they do something good, so don’t forget to give yourself a goody. Whether you opt to do something small, like taking a relaxing bubble bath or giving yourself a pedicure at home, or something major, like makeup products from MAC, make sure you do something solely for you at least a few times a week. No matter your pleasure, making time for yourself is critical in the life of a super mum. Even if you use this extra time to participate in a favourite hobby, such as blogging or playing tennis, or just relax and enjoy your time alone, it important that you treat yourself to something you couldn’t (or wouldn’t) normally.

Implement a Soothing bed-time Ritual for Yourself

Your children have a nightly routine at bedtime and so should you. After getting your little ones tucked in and off to sleep, wind down with a nice glass of wine and some sweets, a movie or television show, a good book, or chat on the phone with a friend. Remember to make your sleeping space a tranquil, peaceful place. Along with a comfortable mattress from Dreams UK, make sure you have other bedtime luxuries like soft pillows and cozy bedding.


Disclosure: Guest Editorial by Danielle Ross

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