Week 2 Mutu

chicken mutu

So, I have reached the end of week 2 of Mutu and am still on the program! Yay me! If you have no idea what I am talking about, catch up here. I am still eating pretty well, enjoying walks and doing my core exercises. I believe that tomorrow I may have to add in something extra, but that is for tomorrow! Tonight I shall tell you about the yummy food discoveries I have made this week…

1) You can coat chicken strips in flaxseed and bake them to make crispy chicken
chicken mutu

Chopped chicken thigh, bunged in a bag with salt, pepper and flaxseed, shaken until the chicken is covered and baked in the oven. Yum!



2) Raw snickers is actually a really yummy treat (although very sticky!)raw snickers mutu

The recipe I used came from here. I did fiddle a little as I didn’t have coconut oil, so instead used solid coconut cream and a splosh of rapeseed oil.



3) Homemade meatballs  make a happy family mealmeatball mutu

Meatballs were basically just 500g mince mixed with half an onion finely chopped and some thyme from the garden then squished into balls and cooked on the griddle. Sauce was a table spoon of tomato puree, one teaspoon of chopped chilli and two teaspoons of chopped ginger (I used these clever frozen cubes to make everything super quick) plus enough water to make the right consistency. The kids had ketchup!

4) B2 loves oaty flapjack balls made with oats and dates (and they’re a healthy treat for me!)date mutu

Dates in the blender, covered with water (not too much) and a spoon of oil. Whizzed to a paste and then mixed with oats, shaped into balls and baked for about 10 mins at about 180.


5) You can live without potato at every meal!

This is perhaps the biggest revelation for me! Hence the pictures above being with quinoa and bulgar wheat.

This is just a quicky to keep you up to date. Please leave me any healthy, low (or no) sugar/carb recipes below. Variety is the spice of life!

The start of my journey is here. Next week is here.

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