Week one of new me!

Diastasis Recti infographic

I have almost finished week one of the Mutu system and it’s been an interesting week. It has not been too much of an upheaval and whilst 5 days in I can’t say that I am noticing any changes (and wouldn’t expect to) I can also say that I think it is something I will be able to stick at and then hopefully get results.

This week I have mostly been…

…taking my before photo


mutu before

…checking my diastasis recti (3 fingers – about half a finger less then when I was planking/crunching/sit-upping). If you are not sure what diastasis recti is or if it affects you, check this infographic out

Diastasis Recti infographic

…reading and watching my science lessons. I have learned more about my pelvic floor and the whole system of muscles ‘down there’! The information is presented in a variety of ways, so you can read at your leisure or watch a clip to talk you through things.

…walkingI have walked everyday. This has probably been the biggest change to my schedule, fitting something extra into everyday, however it has also been very pleasant. I always find walking a great time to think things through and get them in perspective, so this has been some personal therapy time too! It is also amazing how far I can walk in a relatively short time without a 5yo in tow.

…strengthening my core. I have done my core exercises every day. The core exercises are only 20 mins a day and you can do them in bits whenever you fancy through the day, so they have been easy to fit in. At first I got information overload due to all the things I am supposed to be doing together (breathing in the right places, focussing on the right muscles, doing the various stretches and exercises). There is a demo video which shows you how all the exercises should be done and then a separate one which you can exercise along with. I found it hard to retain all the information from the demo and put it into practice whilst counting my repetitions. It could just be me; I am not the most bodily coordinated person (heaven help anyone standing next to me in a group exercise class!) but at the beginning I found it difficult. A quick tweet to Wendy (the woman behind MuTu systems) gave me the answer I needed to hear: “Take your time – you don’t have to get it all in a day” A pretty good life lesson for me as well I think!

…eating healthily. This was one of my fears about starting a structured programme. I am not a fan of diets. I don’t think they enable you to make changes which last and often the more faddy ones have questionable science behind them. When I first glanced at Mutu food sheet I was pleased to see it was not a diet. There are no prescribed meals or foods, just suggestions and sensible advice. The key thing is that Wendy recommends (as she did to me via Twitter) trying your best to make changes for the better, rather than wholesale changing your diet overnight. She also recommends eating healthily as a family rather than having a different ‘diet food’ for you. Again this is something that is important to me. I don’t want to talk about ‘going on a diet’ around Munchkin. As a 5 year old girl she is going to have enough expectations about female bodies thrust upon her, she does not need Mummy’s body hang ups as well. To be honest I haven’t made many changes to what we eat. We eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables and fresh cooked meat anyway. The main changes I have made are cutting out snacks (especially crisps and biscuits), cutting out coffee and cutting down on black tea (I can’t cut out tea. That would be like cutting off my arm!) and using brown rice/pasta when I cook them, rather than the white alternatives. I have also tried to give myself smaller portions.

My fails so far? Friday night we had a Chinese (very small, no deep fried goodies and mostly vegetables, she says, attempting to assuage her guilt!) and I forgot to walk, although on Saturday morning I went for a walk which was twice as long so hopefully that made up for it. Then on Saturday night I had rather more wine than I think ‘wine o’clock’ would really allow…but we did have guests! 😉

Next week’s goal – to make some yummy health snacks so I don’t feel I am giving up so much.

All in all, so far, Mutu is going well… I will keep you informed. As ever any moral support welcome!

The journey continues here.


  • LJ

    Great stuff! You’re really grabbing the mutu ethos by the horns. Energies leftover from months of body frustrations I’m sure:-)
    It is refreshing to see your enthusiasms and a brave first photo -you’ve given me food for thought and I’m defo on the moral support team.

    • morethanamummy

      Thank you. So far I am really enjoying it and feeling really positive. I know week one is a lead in, but if the changes are slow I hope they’ll be easier to maintain…

  • Sounds like you’re doing really well and being really positive, keep going. You’ll get there, my stomach is all split and I look like I’m pregnant (sigh) I will keep seeing how you get on and maybe join your journey. Just started a plan myself and will see how I get on :) keep doing what you’re doing, well done you!

    • morethanamummy

      Thank you! All moral support welcome. :-) It seems there are many of us out there. I will definitely keep you informed. Good luck with your plan too.

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