The Little White Company – Frozen screening

When we were recently invited to a special private Cinema screening of Frozen, we at first thought ‘oh no, not Frozen again’ but when we heard the invite was from the lovely people at The Little White Company who wanted to treat and spoil both kids and mummies alike, we happily agreed.

The screening was held at the wonderful setting of the Electric Cinema in Ladbroke Grove and not only were we served tea and coffee on arrival but the cinema was dressed with the latest Autumn bed linen collections from The Little White Company.  We’re not sure who was more excited about the fact that there were beds at the front of the cinema – the children or us!  Each seat (or bed) was provided with a huge bag of real cinema-style popcorn and the children’s drinks were also unlimited.

After a frenzied and excitable run around the cinema and wrestling on the bed Munchkin and BearCub settled down happily on the bed to watch Frozen while us mummies sprawled ourselves out on the bed for a snooze…I mean to watch the movie too!

electric cinema smallFrozen cinema dressing smallKids cinema small

We had a great, relaxing afternoon and The Little White Company’s new bed linen range gave us such luxurious and stylish surroundings we didn’t mind singing along to ‘Let it go’ one more time.  You can check out the new range here – From jousting knights to secret english gardens, there’s something for everyone to snuggle down and get comfy.

White Company bedroom small

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