Thinner me: Mutu weeks 4 and 5

Ok, you got me, my blogging slipped because I wasn’t being so good.  Mutu week four saw me have fish and chips, skip a walk and miss one day of intensive workout.  Week five saw me skip a day of core and have curry…twice. Eeek. BUT and here is the great bit I am actually noticing a difference in my weight and shape, so despite these little slips, I can’t be doing too badly.

Now it is getting darker and grimmer it is getting more difficult to fit things in during daylight hours.  I  find it much more difficult to motivate myself to do anything when it is grey and rainy outside. I am also not as keen on Mutu intensive 2 (or core 2) if I am honest.  They just don’t seem to grab me in the same way, but I am not sure why. I have however, in general been pretty good, I suppose, and will try not to be cross at myself for not being perfect.

Food wise I am not being quite as good as I was at the beginning.  The shine has worn off of thinkng totally differently about my day to day living.  That said, if I am to keep this up long term (and if I want to stay slim and trim I am fairly certain I am past my youthful days of eating whatever I like and not putting on weight) changes have to be sustainable over the long term, so whilst I won’t cook processed food meals every night, I will also not totally give up takeaways.  I will try instead to eat a smaller amount and not to do it too often.

Again, exercise wise I am trying to make changes for life, so not managing to fit in four separate sessions of the core work out, or not walking for one day, is not going to make a difference in the grander scheme of things. In fact, rather than dwelling on what I haven’t done, I am going to take note of the positives instead, so here goes…

The positives

The trousers that I have bought recently are becoming very baggy on me.

I don’t have such a round/chubby face.

I do not have such large ‘saddlebags’ on my thighs.

My legs are definitely more toned, as are my arms.

My tummy is shrinking (unfortunately as the rest of me is also shrinking I am not noticing such great steps here, but there are improvements)

My DR is now at somewhere between 3 and 2.5.  I am trying not to measure too often so I may not be being very accurate, but it is definitely closing, albeit slowly and my tummy does not do the noticeable cone thing in the same way.

All in all, things are going well and I am determined to be better for the next fortnight!

Catch up on my journey so far here.


  • Good for you!! I’m pleased your not beating yourself up for not sticking 100% because you’re totally right…the change is a life one and in life you HAVE to treat yourself and some days you do just need a break and like you said every now and then it’s not going to hurt!!
    Sounds like you’re seeing big differences already though, that must be a great motivator to keep going! Well done you 🙂 xx

    • morethanamummy

      Thank you! Yes the missed weeks blog was the feeling bad, the return to form was when I realised it is making a difference and it has to be realistic! Thanks for taking the time to comment. 🙂

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