Weekend away

We often write about how important me time can be.  How much more refreshed Mums can feel after a little bit of pampering or short get away. It really is important to take time for yourself and also to nurture your relationships, if you are going to be a happy healthy person and therefore a good Mum.

Earlier this week I met a lady called Serra (aka Martini Mum) who is Bath Mum, with a very similar outlook to More than a Mum.  She had just come back from a very grown up weekend in Ibiza. She went for a friend’s 40th and said it was brilliant being able to access the party scene as a grown up with enough cash to enjoy it without scrimping.

I have also tried to take my own advice and this year and I have had a spa day with old university friends, which was fantastic.  We got together with our partners and kids and then on the first night, the men escaped for a curry and a pint and on day two, we ladies headed out for a spa afternoon and dinner (and wine!) in the evening.  It was a lovely way to unwind and  catch up with friends.

I also took  my Mum away for a birthday treat; a 3 day break in Cornwall, which was fantastic.  We had some quality time together where we could genuinely focus on each other rather than one or other of us being wrapped up in the kids.  We also managed to do activities which would not have suited the children and enjoy things we like at our pace.  No worries about nappy changing or child-friendly eating.

Writing this I realise that I haven’t yet built time in for my partner (oops) so that had better be the next thing on the list! Time to get planning then.

So what would be your ideal mini-break?  Where would you go and with whom?

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