Introducing Lola Remi – Fitness & Lifestyle coach for busy mums

Today we have an interview with Lola Remi a fitness and lifestyle coach and mum of two young boys.  Lola is running an event this weekend which will be a great ‘me-time’ day for any mums who long to get back in shape or just feel great about themselves.  We had a chat to Lola to find out a bit more about her and ‘Final Measure’… final measurefinal measure67afbaf2fd12ba09d997ea924e5dc65f 1.) Have you always been into fitness?

Yes I have always been into some form of fitness activity from my teenage years and I just carried it on into my adulthood life because I like the energy/buzz I get after a workout & having a strong body. It’s a part of my DNA now.

2.) Did becoming a mum change your approach to fitness?
Yes. I had to become smarter with my time so that I could fit it into my new life & around the children. So for example I would do shorter & more intense workouts around the house sometimes when time was limited. But my fitness has remained a must for me even with the children in my life.
3.) How did becoming a mum affect how you see your body?
Becoming a mum made me appreciate my body more especially after having gone through two difficult deliveries and seeing how my body coped with those experiences.  I have a greater respect for my body and try each day to look after it better through diet, exercise,  & rest. I love my body!
4.) When and why did you start Final Measure?
I started my company, Final Measure, which focuses on Fitness, Diet & lifestyle on a one-to-one level with clients as a Personal Trainer/Coach, about six years ago.  I wanted to share the benefits exercise and healthy eating can have on our lives, especially for busy mums like myself.  I am able to fit exercise and maintain a balanced diet into my busy life and around my children and I wanted busy mums especially to know how they too can do the same.
5.) Is it possible for ordinary mums to get their  pre-baby bodies back or is that just for celebs?
Yes and No.  Yes it is possible to get rid of any excess weight gained during and after pregnancy, but because different women experience different changes to their bodies as a result of having children, so pending on the change that may have occurred, some changes might not be so easy to change. For instance with me,  I dropped a cup size after having my children as a result of breastfeeding and that can never come back unless I have surgery which I have no desire for.  But I think many women are able to get back to their pre-baby bodies with a very good diet, exercise and determination programme.
6.) Many mums struggle to find time or energy to exercise – what is your advice?
First Make YOU a Priority again. When you become  priority in your life again, you will be able to find time for yourself, even if it’s just 10 minutes in your 24 hours.  As for energy, start by taking a long look at what you’re eating – are you filling your tank with the right foods that will give you the energy you need?  Foods like Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds are nutrient dense & will give your body the right fuel which will become energy.  Secondly start moving your body by doing some form of activity – a brisk walk, swimming, jogging, cycling, dancing, etc. Exercise, I promise you, will give you energy – Try it!

7.) You are also a Lifestyle coach – what does that entail?

I’m a bit like the AA Route planner on Google. I simply provide people with a map(s)/tools that they can then use to achieve their goals or change an aspect of their lives that they wish to change.  For example, if someone’s goal is to drop two dress sizes, I show them how this can be done by providing them with the correct tools.

8.) What would you say is the central need for most mum’s today?

The central need for most mums is to make time for themselves. We have to look after ourselves, even if it’s just 15 minutes of ‘Me time’ a day. My scheduled ‘Me Time’ is at 5am every morning which is in the form of a gentle jog & I listen to some music or something that will inspire me for the day and because I have made that time for just me, I find that I function better in my mummy role for the rest of the day. I’m more patient and I’m energised throughout the day.

9.) You have an event this weekend, tell us about it…

I’m holding a 1-day Fitness, Nutrition & Style Workshop at Jury’s Inn, Croydon from 09:30 – 1pm this Saturday 23rd November.  It’s for busy people, busy mums, busy career people who want to know how to fit exercise into their busy lives, who want to know how to eat to right foods that will keep them energized for the whole day and much more. I have experts coming to talk about Exercise, Well-being and Diet, and also a Top Stylist who will be talking about how to dress your body shape. There will also be a Zumba Taster session where people can test drive some Zumba and have some fun. People will also have the opportunity to ask questions about weight loss, weight management, nutrition, dressing your shape, exercise & much more. Tickets are just £12.50 in advance & £15 at the doors. 

10.) If any mum’s want to contact you for personal training, or to attend the event how and where can they contact you?

You can Email me at or call me on 07985278786. My website is and you can follow me on Twitter at @LolaRemi

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