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We often talk about me-time, how to find it and how to use it.  We also often talk about how you need to nurture relationships with your partner and friends, but what about as your kids get older and they have their own friendships and relationships to worry about? How do you manage to nurture that relationship as it changes?  We the lovely people at Mecca Bingo sent us so tickets for X-Factor and we decided to send a friend of More than a Mum and her 12 year old daughter off for a Mother/daughter night out to spend some quality time together.

Do you often have one-to-one time with your daughter?

No, we don’t really. Mostly, if my husband and I have time off work, we do things as a family, so neither my daughter nor my son tend to get much one-to-one time.

Do you feel one-to-one time with your children is important?

Yes, very much so. Especially now they are growing up. She has a younger brother, but they are really close in age so she has never really experienced one-to-one time with either of her parents.  We like doing things as a family, but there is always a bit of squabbling between the siblings, so it’s nice for them to get some time when they are the focus of your attention. 

Do you and and your daughter watch X factor together?

Yes, we do actually. It is more my daughter’s thing, but we watch it together and I do enjoy it.

Were you excited about the trip?

Yes, very! My daughter was very excited; she was counting down the days, which is unusual for her now she’s older!

What was it like when you got there?

We queued up for a short time and they when we showed our tickets we were given a special lanyard and whisked past the queues.  As we went in, we saw the family of the performers queuing up with their supporters t-shirts.  We were given a goody bag with a t-shirt, hair products and some cakes.

X factor VIP tickets

What was the VIP lounge like?

The VIP lounge was great. It was really funky and done in neon colours. There was also a free bar and food – sadly I was driving!X factor VIP food

What happened when it was time to go in?

Someone came and got us all from the VIP lounge and took us through to the studio.  We went in round the back, where Simon Cowell does his off stage talks.  The studio is really quite small, which surprised us both.  Before the show there is a warm up guy, who tells you what you have to do during the show. You also record some cheers and things before the show starts.  The warm up guy also got the audience all fired up and relaxed. It was a full 45 minutes before the show started, but it was good fun.

What was the show like?

The show was great. I was very impressed by Only the Young. I think they are a band my daughter and I would go and see again.

Was it different watching live to watching on TV?

It was good to see all the things that go on off camera. Simon’s wife was there. She sat behind him, and every time they weren’t filming he’d turn round to chat to her, which was lovely to see. Louis Walsh also seemed like a really nice guy. He stayed on stage in breaks to chat to people in the audience.

It was fun to see the interactions between the judges too.  It was definitely different watching in live to sitting on your sofa in your PJs!

What were the best bits of the evening?

Spending time with my daughter, doing something she really likes. She’s getting to the age where she is really into music and what is up and coming in the pop scene, so this was great for her. Her friends were really jealous (so were mine, as it was 80s night!)

Would you do it again?

Definitely. It would be great to make this a once a month thing, but time and money mean that won’t necessarily happen. It was great for my son too as he went to the cinema and got take-out with his Dad. We should try and make it happen again.

One comment

  • I have 2 daughters who are 14 months apart. My first mummy/daughter time was when my eldest, then 18, and I went to Paris for a weekend. We loved that we spent 72 hours together laughing, talking, listening, eating, drinking and sightseeing. I have ‘bribed’ them as often as possible (i.e. paid) ever since to have a few days away with me so we can chill, touch base and catch up on what is really going on. It’s soooo worth it. Sometimes now they even pay half! Precious times

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