Mums ‘me-time’ is just 26 minutes!!

The ‘Changing Face of Motherhood’ is a major research project undertaken by P&G in conjunction with the SIRC (Social Issues Research Centre). The research covered a range of topics including how today’s mums feel they’re valued by society and about raising their children compared to previous generations.

Amongst some other really interesting findings (see here) the research found that the average Mums ‘me-time’ is just 26 minutes!!  They found that the majority of mums have 3-4 hours to themselves a week – the equivalent to 26 minutes a day.  64% of mums put this down to the demands of having to go out to work, while 29% say that the pressure to be a perfect mother means they feel they have less ‘me-time’.

Here at More than a Mum you’ll know by now our dual aim is to support, encourage and inspire you to be a brilliant mum AND to rediscover your identity as a woman at the same time.  In order to even have a hope of fulfilling the latter goal, me-time is essential, imperative, vital etc.

Mums are so organised in so many respects because we have to be.  Even if you think you’re not good at it – just take a look at your week so far… You’ve somehow managed to dress, cook for, ferry around, smile at , engage with, stimulate, love, discipline your little people all while possibly being  an employee, spouse, friend, relative, lover, gardener, dog-walker at the same time!

So why don’t we schedule in time for ourselves???? Because we don’t think it’s important enough.  Because we don’t think we can afford to.  Because we don’t think it’s a priority.  All in all, because we don’t think we’re worth it!!! Not good ladies, not good!

More than a Mum has said time and again that if we want our children to be happy and fulfilled then we need to model that for them ourselves.

We put out the challenge a few weeks back and we haven’t been checking up on you (LOL!) so here it is again – what can you plan for yourself this weekend or for this next week to remind yourself that you are ‘More than a Mum’?

Answers on a postcard – well on here and on Twitter anyway 😉



  • Oh dear. Not that I’m surprised. As a gender, we do have a habit of putting EVERYONE else above ourselves…

    Shall I tell you what I’ve been up to, to rectify that balance?

    Tonight – I’m going with my lovely husband to see the closing gala film (Shame) at the Leeds International Film Festival. (Thanks to my Dad for babysitting!)

    In a couple of weeks, I will have a massage therapist coming to my house at lunchtime ( I work from home twice a week) to give me a much-needed massage, instead of spending my lunch hour doing laundry and washing up.

    Then, in January, I am having one-to-one sewing lessons from Abi at Sew You Handmade, which I will be leaving work an hour early each month to do!

    The reason I’ve booked all these things? Being diagnosed with stress and spending an hour each week with a counsellor has made me realise what has been missing.

    If you want to learn anything from this, don’t let yourself get to the point of needing medical help before you take some time for yourself. A happy Mum makes for a happy family!

    • Wow Elizabeth that is so inspiratonal and has certainly challenged me!!It is a shame that we wait until we’re unwell before we make these needed changes. I am particularly impressed with the massage at home – bliss! :-)

  • It’s so true that we think we are not worth it. When my boys were young and I was still married I rarely had any time to myself. I had a full time job and 100% care of the boys and house when I got back home. I also had to help my husband with his professional work. That meant not a moment for me. I only got time to myself when I got divorced and the boys spent weekends with their dad.

    A drastic solution but one that actually worked out pretty well for me! Now I have much more time for me and have taken up writing educational materials for children as a result and starting a little online business to help others make some money.

    I have found myself as an individual again after many years submerged beneath the needs of others.

    • I found your response inspirational but sad too – I;m a single mum and it’s true I now get more time to myself now when my son is with his dad! I think as women we are such givers we cater for everyone else’s needs first. Your business sounds great – do you have a website?

  • The very bad thing about this is that I am thinking – wow 26 minutes, lucky people! I honestly don’t think I get any me time at all at the moment between the blog, the children and the chores so obviously need to sort this out asap! Good prompt to do so. Thanks.

  • I don’t get a lot of me time, I don’t think it is due to not thinking I’m worth it, more that I just spend my life hurtling around and never have time!! I often say to my OH that he goes out to work and so at leas the has a break from the house and the children! It is one of the few downsides of being a SAHM, that you are always on duty! I will make sure that I try and schedule in some me-time, as it is important!

  • I’ve taken up running (if I can call it that – it’s basically hobbling) to get out of the house and be on my own for 20 mins! I found my usual bit of ‘me time’, i.e the bath or in bed with a book, or even a 45 second wee, was ALWAYS interrupted by one of the children or the OH. So going out and attempting to run is now my escape – under the proviso of wanting to get into shape it seems a bit more acceptable than screeching EVERYONE LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

  • Mummygadgetgeek

    Oh, I’d love 26 minutes a day! Hopefully my missed minutes will mount up and I’ll get more than my quota once Bubby D is through these first needy months :)

  • Honestly, the timing and content of your posts is freaky at the moment! As you know I’ve been busy devising a challenge that will help me focus on finding myself. Now I know that challenge has to be longer than 26 mins ;-)) Will let you know when “Becoming:Part 2” is unveiled on my blog. Thanks for keeping me motivated ;-))

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