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We are big advocates for treating yourself to some precious ‘me-time’ as a busy mum.  However, we also realise that actually finding that ‘me-time’ and the practicalities and logistics of making it happen can often make it seem hardly worth the effort.  But, it really is.  You will be a happier, healthier parent if you have even a little time to yourself.  Thankfully there are companies and organisations out there that are aware of what mums and other busy people are up against and work to make it easier for you to access their services within your lifestyle.

We we recently asked to review one such company called Urban Massage.  I know, it was a real chore – but someone had to do it! Urban Massage say they are a professional, consistent and trusted mobile massage company in London.  Well, after my experience I can vouch for their claims.

A massage is probably one of the ultimate in pampering luxuries, one that us mums would usually deem too indulgent to spend on ourselves but one we so definitely deserve.  Urban Massage is so simple and straightforward and easy to use it adds to the luxurious experience.  I actually booked through their amazing Mobile App which is so simple to use I wondered if I’d missed something.  You just enter your postcode and click ‘book massage’ you then choose which treatment and time you’d like, then choose your therapist (so you can choose if you’d prefer male or female) and that’s it! Prices are very reasonable at £65 for a one hour massage, £75 for 90 minutes and £95 for two hours.

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As I’ve already said, sometimes planning in a treat for yourself is so hard to arrange and to fit in that you simply just don’t get round to it.  One of the many brilliant things about Urban Massage is you can actually decide on the day to have and book a massage!  No booking weeks in advance only to find one of your little ones is sick and you have to cancel.

If you unexpectedly find yourself with a window of free time you can book a massage for later that day – within the next hour even!

Urban massage will come to your home, office or hotel so you don’t have to waste time on travel and you don’t have to have all the relaxation undone after your massage with a stressful journey home.  Also it’s much easier to get a friend or neighbour to have the kids for an hour while you enjoy a well-deserved hour of relaxation at home rather than having to book childcare for half a day to allow to get to and from a therapists premises.

As well as relaxation and pampering massages, Urban Massage offer a variety of treatments including those for pregnancy, sports injury, muscle pain or even anti-cellulite! Being  a mum is such a physical job we often put up with aches and pains as a matter of course. So if you really need further justification for a bit of me-time you can see it as a health treatment rather than just pure luxury.

Urban Massage therapists or ‘heroes’ as they aptly call them, are well-trained professionals with extensive experience.  I actually booked the massage as a treat for a friend in my own home.  We had the lovely Sarah who was friendly yet professional and really helped put my friend at ease.  We’d booked the deep tissue massage as my friend had some muscular pain in the back and shoulders.  Sarah didn’t just deliver a ‘standard’ massage but gave a mini consultation asking which areas my friend would like her to focus on.

The Therapists bring everything needed with them (apart from towels, you need to provide a few of different sizes) including a fold out full sized therapists table.  You can then choose your own favourite music and even light a few candles if you have some and create your preferred lighting and atmosphere for ultimate relaxation.  My only criticism would be I was not told how big the table was and therefore was limited as to where we could fit it.  You need to prepare an adequate space beforehand or like us, you could waste a bit of time setting up a different room when you find it won’t fit in the room you’d intended.  However, this did not take away from the experience overall.

The fact that you can enjoy a massage in your own home within an hour is frankly a fairy-Godmother-like-wish granted true for all mums.

I can’t recommend it highly enough. So go on, why not treat yourself or perhaps book one for a friend you know who could really do with a bit of time-out and offer to have their kids for an hour as a double treat?

Urban Massage also offer Christmas vouchers which would make a great gift for any busy mum (or dad) 🙂

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