We have blogged a number of times before in support of Refuge and their 1 in 4 campaign.  The #dontcoveritup video was amazingly powerful and definitely gave us food for thought.  Their latest video is an interactive one, intended to help us all support a friend in a domestic violence relationship.

It is again powerful stuff.  It gives us the key facts – 1 in 4 women suffer domestic violence; 2 women die every week at the hands of a partner or ex-partner.  It gives us key signs of how to spot a friend who may need support due to domestic violence and then it asks a series of questions to which you can answer yes or no and from which choices you are given advice about domestic violence and how best to support someone who is in a violent relationship.

As always the most important fact that Refuge highlight is the fact that letting people know that they are supported is the most important thing you can do.  Letting them know that charities like Refuge exist and can help is one of the key steps to this.  That is why we want to share the video with you and ask you to watch it and share it.

Talking about domestic violence and it’s prevelance is one of the ways to combat it.  The more that we say that domestic violence is not OK; the more we discuss it and stop it from being a taboo subject, the more we can help women and men who suffer at the hands of a partner.

Please watch and share this video and help support Refuge’s campaign.



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