A quick update: Mutu week 3

So I have just finished week 3 of the Mutu system 12 week program and I am definitely starting to see some results.  I don’t own scales, (for me they do more harm than good) but I am definitely feeling and looking slimmer. I can fit in trousers I couldn’t before and have much less over-hang.  I have also stopped

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Fighting Fair – Do you argue ‘well’ in front of your children?

On Monday I read an article about a really interesting study released by relationships charity OnePlusOne that said, parents who argue and don’t resolve them are putting their child’s health at risk.  Apparently exposure to family feuds can lead to long-term mental health problems, as well as headaches, stomach pains and reduced growth, according to the research.  I thought at

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Mothers are the happiest people in Britain… but not in their relationships

An article in the Telegraph yesterday detailed a new study conducted by the Open University on relationships.  It found that mothers are happier with their lives than any other group in society. The study is apparently one of the most detailed studies of Britain’s relationships ever carried out and found that even for women in unhappy relationships, being a mother

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