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More Than A Mum : The Course

Becoming a parent is a life-changing experience.  There is nothing that can prepare you for the way in which such a tiny bundle can utterly dominate your life!  We may throw ourselves into the task whole-heartedly; we may be scared witless; or we may be somewhere in between, but often there comes a point where we wonder where the woman we were before motherhood has gone. Perhaps we even wonder who we are as individuals.  That is why we set up More than a Mum.

In March this year we ran a series of workshops in Ealing, W5.  The course was developed to support you both as a Mum and as a woman. The Woman section was a range of inspirational talks, confidence building, Mum me-time activities and case studies to help you see the ways that you can rediscover your identity without compromising your role within the family. There was also be a Me-Time pamper activities available at each session. The Mum section was based around an activity that you can do with or for your child/children.  Activities were rooted in developmental theory and designed to be fun for parent and child alike.

Read about the sessions here.

We are planning to run more similar sessions soon…

Watch this space for more infomation!

Loretta and Ruth


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