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Flexible working Mum: Part 5

We have been following @TJ_BraLady since very early on in our twitter-witterings.  She is a lovely lady with a great concept.  When she tweeted that she was looking for more “Bra-ladies” we thought she might be interested in telling us a bit about her business.  True to form, TJ put us in touch with one of her bra-ladies so that

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Flexible working: part 3

If you have been inspired by the stories of Emma and Erin in our flexible working series, but neither cooking nor jewllery are your thing, you may be interested in Jenny’s story.  She too is a Mum who looked for something different to fit around family life.  We met Jenny when we did a review of me&i products earlier in the

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Flexible working for Mums: Part 2

Following on from the success of our post last Friday about homeselling as an opportunity to work for yourself as a stay at home mum, we have an interview today with Erin Thomas-Wong who started running a Small Print franchise having given up work after the birth of her son.  Whereas working for Pampered Chef, Emma is an employee, Erin

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Mumpreneur: Positive or Negative?

Having written last week about being a Mum and working flexibly around your family, I have been thinking about the term “Mumpreneur”.  I know that the term made it into the OED at the end of last year and that this caused a bit of a debate to arise.  There are many who seem to find the term derogatory, and

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Working Mum V Stay at home Mum

It is with slight apprehension that I begin to write a blog post on Stay at home mums V working Mums.  Mainly because, like most things in life, I don’t believe there is a firm black or white, right or wrong answer.  However, today I saw the Myleene Klass Yahoo channel ‘Bumps, Babies & Beyond’ programme and it was discussing

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