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First steps to rediscovering your identity

identity mum

Our aim at More than a Mum to help you to rediscover your identity as a woman.  We want our posts to be practical as well as informative, constructive as well as inspiring. As Mums, we easily neglect our personal identity as it is incredibly easy to become absorbed, and dare I say, all consumed in being parents.  Sometimes without even realising it. 

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Backpacking round Europe with a 4 year old…Am I mad??

Around last Christmas I started to feel like I needed a challenge, like I really needed to give my life a huge kick up the bum! I tweeted, ‘Some times you have to scare yourself a little just to remind yourself you’re alive’.  By New Year’s Eve, when I was doing the obligatory (and depressing) year’s reflection, I vowed that

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Turning your hobby into cash – Part 4

Today’s guest post is part 4 in our series on monetising your hobby.  It is provided by  Hannah Ablett from Fairyknowz. 1) What is your hobby? I make cuddly toys called ‘Poplins’. I’m not really sure if I would have called it a hobby, I’m not sure I had time for a hobby. I’ve always loved design and making things

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Me Time: Learning something new

In this time of New Year’s resolutions and making promises to “do better this year”, don’t forget you.  You are probably aware by now of the mission of More Than a Mum (if not, click here!) and therefore I’d like you all to look carefully at your New Year’s resolutions and check that you’re not using them as a stick

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