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First steps to rediscovering your identity

identity mum

Our aim at More than a Mum to help you to rediscover your identity as a woman.  We want our posts to be practical as well as informative, constructive as well as inspiring. As Mums, we easily neglect our personal identity as it is incredibly easy to become absorbed, and dare I say, all consumed in being parents.  Sometimes without even realising it. 

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A quick update: Mutu week 3

mutu DVD 200sq

So I have just finished week 3 of the Mutu system 12 week program and I am definitely starting to see some results.  I don’t own scales, (for me they do more harm than good) but I am definitely feeling and looking slimmer. I can fit in trousers I couldn’t before and have much less over-hang.  I have also stopped

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We need to teach our children about ‘true’ beauty

This week I watched a seriously disturbing video where 8 black preschooler children are asked a series of questions about two dolls – one black and one white.  The results are horrific indeed when each of the children when asked which is the ‘pretty’ doll points to the white doll and which is the ‘ugly’ doll points to the black

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How to cheat at being a ‘Yummy Mummy’!

I think it’s safe to say that neither Ruth or myself would say we fit firmly into the ‘yummy mummy’ category. Ruth’s reason would probably be more sensible and high-brow than me i.e doesn’t have the inclination or feel the need with mine being pretty shallow and primarily because I don’t have the time, funds or know how!  As a

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Turning your hobby into cash – Part 7

Welcome to part 7 in our series of inspiring mums who have turned their hobby into a business.  Today Carol Smith tells us how an idea to log her journey with her baby daughter became a successful business for her. 1) What is your hobby? Blogging 2) Was this a hobby you started when you became a mother or something

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Turning your hobby into Cash – Part 5

We’re now up to part 5 in our series about mums that have made money from their hobbies.  Today’s post is provided by Chelle McCann from Social Sparkle… 1) What is your hobby? Blogging, tweeting – love anything social media 2) Was this a hobby you started when you became a mother or something you have always done? It started

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Mother’s Guilt Antidote

Yet again in the press this week a new study confirmed that modern mothers are constantly wracked by guilt.  Apparently this time, not earning enough money or being able to give the children the attention they crave top the list.  The research was commissioned by babycare company, NUK and Joanne Evans, their Head of marketing asserted that most of the

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Be kind to yourself – you are not crazy!

We’ve had quite a few posts lately catering for our ‘mum’ sides so I thought I’d do one specifically to remind you all once again that you are brill mums but also you are ‘More than a Mum’. I read an interesting article today written by a man (Yashar Ali) as a message to all women that they are not

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Working Mum vs SAHM

A little while ago we were contacted by Studio Lambert, about a documentary they are researching for Channel 4 entitled “Should I go back to work”.  If you read our blog regularly, you will know that this is a topic we cover quite extensively and which we try to look at from all perspectives.  We have written and run stories

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