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10 Tips to be a guilt free Mummy

Today on More than a Mum we have a guest post from Kelly Menzies of www.life-is-now.co.uk. Kelly is a Change and Personal Development Leader who is passionate about leading people away from anxiety and stress to health and happiness. Mother guilt is something that we have blogged about a few times recently, and in today’s post Kelly shares 10 tips

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Why women feel guilty all the time – or at least once a day!

Last weekend we had the third and final session of our first More than a Mum course.  It has been a brilliant experience and we have both got a lot out of running the course as well as having lots of fun.  We met a fab group of mums who were all really quite different.  However, one thing united us

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Think outside the box

And the people in the houses All went to the university, Where they were put in boxes And they came out all the same, And there’s doctors and lawyers, And business executives, And they’re all made out of ticky tacky And they all look just the same. Second verse of the satirical song ‘Little Boxes’ by Malvina Reynolds (1963). The

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Me Time: Learning something new

In this time of New Year’s resolutions and making promises to “do better this year”, don’t forget you.  You are probably aware by now of the mission of More Than a Mum (if not, click here!) and therefore I’d like you all to look carefully at your New Year’s resolutions and check that you’re not using them as a stick

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