The power of Hope

I’ve been reflecting on the word ‘hope’ and the power of it lately.  It’s easy to think that hope is a weak emotion – a desperate clutching onto something we desire but are not sure will happen – it’s simply a wish.  However, the definition states hope is; a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.  Still sound a bit flimsy?  Well maybe but, without that very simple notion nothing will happen in life.

There are many things we hope will happen with More than a Mum and there are many things we hope you will get from MTAM and take on in order to be fulfilled as both a mum and a woman.  It goes without saying that action is vital to achieve any goal but the step exactly prior to any action is a ‘hope’ and a belief.  Sometimes we can’t manage belief but we can usually muster up some hope and I believe that sets you off in the right direction.

I’m reading a lot about positive thinking in order to achieve what you desire in life in The Secret by Rhonda Byrne at the moment.  If it’s right then it really is very simple – you think about what you want, not what you don’t want.  You ask for it.  You believe it’s yours and then…that’s it!  I have a number of issues with the book that I won’t go into here but I do believe there is a lot to be gained from positive thinking – the ‘law of attraction’ as they call it!

So this post, one of the first on our new site is really just an appeal and encouragement to your ‘woman’ side to dare to hope and believe for the life you really want – we believe you really can have it all – be a great mum and a fulfilled woman!  And you’re not on your own – we’re here to help you, encourage you and inspire you to do just that!

We are so excited to migrate to our official website and have great plans for the future of MTAM. However, it all started with a few chats over some coffee (and wine) and a whole lot of hope!

Keep dreaming and dream big!



  • I don’t think hope is a weak emotion, because it really is the one that drives us to get going. It’s the starting point for all the other emotions. And we’ve all heard stories of amazing things that people have achieved even in the face of terrible difficulty, just powered by the hope that they could achieve something good for themselves or others.

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