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Have you ever heard of me&i?  No, nor had we, but on Wednesday night, More than a Mum hosted a me&i party.  They sell kids’ and Mums’ clothing via parties and a small amount online and as such they also provide a flexible working option for Mums who want a bit of extra income. As you know we only want to review products, services and places which we feel might be of interest to our Mums and this one seemed to be up our street.  They are a Swedish brand new to the UK and are looking for people to host parties and sales representatives.

First of all, we’d best just get this bit out of the way.  More than a Mum was incentivised to write this post.  We are writing it as part of the Mumsnet bloggers research panel.  We always want to be honest with you about that sort of thing – so far this is the first incentivised review that we have run.  We do not intend the incentive to change the way we blog, however, and this post will still be honest and fair.  Do let us know what you think about this as well as any comments on the blog itself.

Now to the party…

When Loretta, myself and our Mummy friends get together you can usually guarantee wine, food and a good laugh and Wednesday night was no different.  We all gathered at Loretta’s house interested to see this new and funky brand and take a close look at the clothes. We’d used their online invitations to invite people and keep a track of who’d repliesd, which was a nice touch.

Like other ‘party’ sales companies, there is an incentive for the host. Unlike other companies, however this gift is not dependent on how much your friends spend, just how many of them attend. (£14 or a free t-shirt/vest for 7 or less guests or £28 or a pair of “magic knickers” – more of them later – for 8+ guests).  I liked this as it felt less dependent on your friends parting with cash and really did go with the brand’s message that there would be no hard sell and no pressure to buy.

The evening started with Jenny our sale representative telling us a bit about the brand.  She is in fact Swedish and first met the brand out there.  She used to have to get her mother and sister to shop for her in Sweden and send the clothes over here, so when she found that they had come to Britain she was very pleased and applied for a job with the company.  Jenny’s passion and enthusiasm for the brand really showed through and she even bought along one of her girls’ first me&i dresses to show us how hardwearing the clothes are.  Despite the fact that the designs are prints and this dress had been through her two children and had already come to them second hand, it still looked good.

me&i sales rep

Jenny telling us all about the clothing... spot the glass of wine!

Other things of note about the company are that they are committed to ethical trading and their clothes are made in factories which guarantee a good standard of living for their workers and their families.  Jenny was also keen to tell us about the Öko-Tex certification, which means that there are no hazardous substances left in the clothing.  They also use organic cotton in all their baby clothes, although not the larger child sizes or the adult clothing.

Jenny showed us through the collection which was bright, fun and comfy.  There are a core of styles which are then made in a range of fabrics and design and can be mixed and matched.  The prints are fun and vibrant with a lot of the kids’ ones being animals – the current season has a circus theme, so there are monkeys and lions and a Ring master.  I probably wouldn’t kit out Munchkin’s whole wardrobe in me&i, but they are the sort of stand-out pieces that you can easily mix with other staples in the wardrobe. They run some of the prints in both adult and child clothing, although not the same styles, so that you and your daughter could co-ordinate; though I am not sure that is mine and Munchkin’s thing.

One of the greatest sources of hilarity in the evening was the product names.  They have obviously been translated from Swedish and as such the kids towelling leggings are called Terry pants and even more hilariously, the Mum’s jersey pedal-pushers are called Magic Knickers! Needless to say we had all envisaged something a bit different when we were told that the hostess gift was magic knickers!

me&i magic knickers

Two ladies (no names mentioned...) showing us just how 'magic' the 'knickers' are!

The clothing is reasonably priced, although definitely not cheap.  A child’s t-shirt is between £15 and £17 and a girl’s tunic dress is between £19 and £21 dependent on sizes.  As a small producer you wouldn’t expect cheap and if the clothes really do last as well as Jenny’s example item, then it’s pretty good value, especially if you have more than one child.  The ladies dresses are around £50, which isn’t cheap, but with a hostess discount of up to £28, it’s worth buying one when you’re hosting.

You do have to pay postage and packing, but this is a flat £3.99 fee and the turnaround is about a week from when the order is placed by your rep.  The rep also doesn’t place the order straight away so you are free to change your order for a few days (we have until Sunday) if you get home and change your mind.  The sizes for the kids are all done on height, and although Jenny was able to tell us approximate age brackets for each, it would have been helpful to come armed with child measurements or clothes to match sizes.

You can buy online, but in line with the brands wish to have a personal touch, you tick a box to say you’d be interested and then you receive a call from a sales rep to talk you through things.

Overall we had a good night and most of us bought something either for us or for our little ‘un.  Would we host another?  Yes; we quite fancy seeing what’s new next season.

me&i hat 2

...and gave us all a laugh trying it on!

me&i hat

This hat came in adult and child sizes...

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