#Don’t cover it up – Refuge Domestic Violence Campaign

This week Refuge launched a powerful new domestic violence video campaign – ‘Don’t Cover It Up’.  The video features popular make-up artist Lauren Luke . It takes a unique, thought-provoking approach to the difficult issue of domestic violence, and it is certain to get people talking.  It certainly had an impact on us and we definitely want to support this campaign at More than a Mum.

We won’t give away what happens in the video though we have attached a few photos.  You can watch the video here

You will see from the comments that many people actually think the video is real and don’t realise it’s a campaign at first.  This is fantastic for getting people to talk about the issue but the sad reality is the video depicts the true lives of too many women.

Domestic violence is a huge issue in this country. One woman in four will experience domestic violence at some time in her life and two women are killed every week by a current or a former partner.  Yet, despite these horrific statistics, domestic violence is still very misunderstood and overlooked.  Every day Refuge supports 1,600 women and children, helping them to rebuild their lives free from violence and fear.  Refuge also work hard to raise awareness of domestic violence, encouraging people to speak out against it.

Lauren Luke has a huge online following of teenage girls and young women.  Research shows that abuse in teenage relationships is alarmingly common, and Refuge believes that much more work needs to be done to reach this group and educate them about domestic violence.  A survey undertaken by Refuge and YouGov in 2009 revealed that over half of young women aged 18-21 had experienced at least one abusive incident from a boyfriend, husband or partner.  Despite this, only 41% said that they would know where to go for help if they experienced domestic violence.

On Monday at the radio station where I work, I used this topic for the phone in on the women’s show, it was horrifying to hear the stories pour in from women who felt ashamed and embarrassed at their abuse – despite being the victims.  We have to do all we can to give a voice to women who feel they cannot speak out themselves to break the hold of fear over them and expose this evil.  It mustn’t be allowed to be a taboo subject any longer.

This campaign has the potential to have a huge impact, reaching out to victims of abuse – and wider society – and telling them, ‘Don’t cover it up’. We’d like to encourage all our followers to support this campaign by tweeting about the video using #dontcoveritup

If you would like to find out more about Refuge’s work, please visit www.refuge.org.uk.

Why not use this tweet to spread the word about the campaign:  Check out this makeup tutorial on how to look your best after a heavy night #dontcoveritup http://bit.ly/O7mjOY


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