Flexible working Mum: Part 5

We have been following @TJ_BraLady since very early on in our twitter-witterings.  She is a lovely lady with a great concept.  When she tweeted that she was looking for more “Bra-ladies” we thought she might be interested in telling us a bit about her business.  True to form, TJ put us in touch with one of her bra-ladies so that we didn’t have her perspective on the brand, but that of someone who is currently running her own business as a bra-lady.  The following answers are from Alison.
1) What is your career background originally?
Office work I was a PA before I had my children and then went into IT Technician work part time when they were small 
2) When did you decide to start working for Bra Lady and can you tell us a bit about the company?
I was made redundant two years ago and wanted to get out of IT and office work and saw T-J’s advert on the internet.  I did my training and the rest is history!  We offer a home bra fitting service for all types of bras but specialising in maternity/nursing and mastectomy.  We are always expanding the range and are able to offer teen and sports bras as well as softcup and underwired bras. 
3) What prompted you to look for flexible work? 
I wanted something that would fit in with the family and something that would allow me to do things that I wanted to do both professionally and socially.  I like it that I can be around if the children need me. 
4) What prompted you to work for this business in particular? 
I have had trouble finding bras since my breast cancer so was glad to have the opportunity to help women to feel well supported and comfortable as well as myself! 
5) What are the greatest advantages of your work? 
The flexibility means that it fits in and around my family, my children are teenagers now but seem to be more demanding than ever! 
6) Are there any disadvantages?
You are completely responsible for absolutely everything concerning your business and sometimes it can be difficult to switch off but I think the pluses outweigh the minuses 
7) How has your life/outlook changed since doing this kind of work?
I feel much more relaxed and more in control of my life as being self-employed you call the shots.
 8)  Is this a temporary job for you until your children are older or a lifelong career? 
No this is definitely for life!  I enjoy the job so much and in all my career it is the job that has given me the most job satisfaction.
If you would like more information, contact Alison on:
Tel:  07540 888911
Facebook: Alison BraLady
Twitter:  @Alison_Bralady
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  • Great article. I am so glad flexible family friendly working is catching on in a big way. It works for me and my mum2mum market franchisees- we love being able to work the hours that suit our families and other commitments and are hoping to persuade more mums to join us soon

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