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A few weeks ago I started doing one of those ’30 days’ challenges. I have distinctly more ‘Mummy tummy’ this time round than I did with Munchkin and I was getting tired of being asked if I was expecting another baby. So a couple of friends and I started doing sit ups, planks and crunchies like mad things.

It started well. Firstly there was the camaraderie of doing it with friends. We live too far apart to do the exercise together, but sharing a comment and a selfie before and after made it more fun. Secondly it was good to feel like I was doing something positive to tone back up. I have written before about body image and have even managed to vlog a bit of poetry on why we should love our post-baby bodies, but a few months ago I was having a wobble and I still am.

I know that my body shape doesn’t matter, at least not to anyone who counts, and I know that it probably doesn’t look as bad to others as it does to me. I even have the strong feminist woman in me shouting about not worrying about conforming.  But this time it is bothering me.  I do want to lose some weight and I do want a much flatter tummy. And most of all I do want to stop being asked if I am pregnant. Hence my need to start the mad exercise regime.

However, despite this exercise, more sensible eating and definitely losing a bit of weight, I didn’t feel any better. My tummy still hurt at random times, I still looked pregnant by the evening and if anything, although my weight was dropping, my tummy was looking worse.

I realised that my abdominal muscles had not knitted back together properly and I had the tell tale cone shaped belly on trying to do sit ups. I went to my GP, who helpfully told me to Google it… I then went back to another GP who looked embarrassed that a member of the practice had told me to ‘Google it’ but who’s response was that as there weren’t any NHS guidelines, there wasn’t much she could advise… Brilliant.

So, I did indeed follow the first GP’s advice and looked up diastasis recti and found there was mixed advice, mainly from other Mums on forums, but nothing particularly clear. Then I came across Mutu Stystem. This page, in fact and it gave me confidence that I wasn’t imagining the issue, that there was something I could do and that there were also some things that I didn’t ought to do. So I tweeted Wendy and asked if she’d like a review. So, long story short, tomorrow I start the Mutu System for total Mama body confidence.

I have already had a peek at the very inspiring introductory video and been shopping so that my cupboard is topped up with the things suggested in the Mutu food list. (I was very pleased to see that it doesn’t totally ban wine o’clock! Phew!) Tonight I am watching the demos and reading the science stuff so hopefully I will be fully prepared for the off tomorrow.

I will share my thoughts over the next 12 weeks and keep you in the loop about the highs and lows of following the Mutu System, as well as reviewing how it works and how it fits in with family life. Wish me luck!

Follow the rest of my journey here. 


  • LJ

    So pleased to finally read a story similar to mine! Diastasis recti is rarely spoken about, indeed come across, in the mummy circle over this way. I spent a fortune on Pilates and really didn’t get anywhere, & the gp just shrugged his shoulders. So I’m waiting eagerly for your follow up posts as you journey into mutu territory. Gd luck:-)

    • morethanamummy

      I agree, so few of my friends knew about DR and yet if the stats are to be believed a number of them must have suffered with it. Where are you in your journey?

      I will keep you informed about how Mutu goes – it is fantastic to find something designed specifically for this issue. Keep checking back; I intend to keep posting regularly, with photo updates too (if I feel brave!). :-)

      • LJ

        Be brave, be brave! I think you’ll be surprised how many people twig that DR relates to them:-)
        I’m struggling with awful headaches from back/shoulder stress which has been DR transferred, apparently. Also found out I’ve got an umbilical hernia so surgery has been rec’d for the whole lot (eeek) -mind you this was at a push. Remember the gp shrug:-)
        However all this hinges on whether we have completed our family. Answer is we’re not sure. I’ve just suffered a missed miscarriage, so we shall see.
        In the interim any home help stuff to shift the belly and strengthen the core is gladly absorbed. So “bring it on”… To you I yell!

        • morethanamummy

          Knowing for certain whether you have completed your family is a very difficult. I can imagine it’s a tough choice.

          I think you’re right about how many people suffer – unknowingly or in silence. What seems great about MuTu is the fact that it really does address the whole core, so pelvic floor etc addressed too. I should be a new woman by the end! 😉

  • I will love to read your journey as I want to do the same programme. :) xx

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