You are not alone

As you know we are keen supporters of Refuge here at More than a Mum, and today saw the launch of their newest campaign, You Are Not Alone.  Domestic violence can make victims feel that they have no support, that there is no where to turn.  You Are Not Alone is being run with ITV’s Loose Women and on the show today Jamelia spoke about her own experience with domestic violence.

Refuge and Loose Women have also released the results of a YouGov survey, to mark the start of the campaign. The research showed that:

  • Over 1 in 3 British women have experienced domestic violence
  • Almost two fifths of victims tell no one
  • 35% of women say they wouldn’t want anyone to know
  • Nearly 1 in 4 say they wouldn’t know how to help a victim
  • Two thirds of women believe abuse is a result of a partner losing their temper

By talking about domestic violence we are opening the channels for those who are victims to feel that they have the support to move forward.  Refuge are asking you to help spread the #YouAreNotAlone message, by sharing the film above and if possible by donating £4 or as much as you can to help support Refuge’s work.

Domestic violence is purposeful, systematic, patterned behaviour designed to exert control over a partner.  It can take many forms – physical, emotional, sexual or financial.

Remember – you are not to blame for the abuse.  You are not alone – help is available.



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