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Not having a break from your kids is bad for your health!

As a busy parent it will probably be no surprise to you that a recent survey conducted by and published today, revealed a public health concern for parents in London after discovering that 27% of parents in London are taking less than half of the ‘healthy amount’ of ‘time out’ from their children each week. The survey of London parents found that 27

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Child-proofing your relationship?

A vital part of being ‘More than a Mum’ and remembering that you are also a ‘woman’ is to safe guard and nurture your relationship with your partner.  A new report by the relationship charity OnePlusOne reveals this morning that nearly a quarter of parents in the UK are no longer with the partner they had their first child with.

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Turning your hobby into cash – part 13

Today’s blog is slightly different to the previous ones in this series.  Lynne from ‘Look After Me’ did not turn her hobby into cash when she became a parent, but turned her parenting skills themselves into an income stream.             1) What is your hobby? It’s not really applicable to my business, but traveling is

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We need to teach our children about ‘true’ beauty

This week I watched a seriously disturbing video where 8 black preschooler children are asked a series of questions about two dolls – one black and one white.  The results are horrific indeed when each of the children when asked which is the ‘pretty’ doll points to the white doll and which is the ‘ugly’ doll points to the black

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How to cheat at being a ‘Yummy Mummy’!

I think it’s safe to say that neither Ruth or myself would say we fit firmly into the ‘yummy mummy’ category. Ruth’s reason would probably be more sensible and high-brow than me i.e doesn’t have the inclination or feel the need with mine being pretty shallow and primarily because I don’t have the time, funds or know how!  As a

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Turning your Hobby into Cash – Part 11

This week’s guest post in our series on turning your hobby into a business comes from Face and body artist, Kimberley Nkosi.   1)    What is your hobby? I am a face and body artist specialising in face and body artistry for both children and adults and all things nails! 2)    Was this a hobby you started when you became

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