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Flexible working for Mums: Part 2

Following on from the success of our post last Friday about homeselling as an opportunity to work for yourself as a stay at home mum, we have an interview today with Erin Thomas-Wong who started running a Small Print franchise having given up work after the birth of her son.  Whereas working for Pampered Chef, Emma is an employee, Erin

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Flexible work for Mums

Here at More than a Mum, we are passionate about women being brilliant Mums and rediscovering themselves as women.  For many women, motherhood means a break in career. We may have given up work to enable us to stay at home with our children; we may have given up work as the hours/travel/lifestyle were not compatible with family life; we

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Motherhood and Creativity

“There is no more sombre enemy of good art than the pram in the hall” the critic Cyril Connolly once famously said. Was he right? Is parenthood so very hard to combine with creativity? Deborah Brooks, founder of Writing Parents gives her views. It is 10pm when I finally sit down and start writing this. That’s after a day in

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Why women feel guilty all the time – or at least once a day!

Last weekend we had the third and final session of our first More than a Mum course.  It has been a brilliant experience and we have both got a lot out of running the course as well as having lots of fun.  We met a fab group of mums who were all really quite different.  However, one thing united us

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Think outside the box

And the people in the houses All went to the university, Where they were put in boxes And they came out all the same, And there’s doctors and lawyers, And business executives, And they’re all made out of ticky tacky And they all look just the same. Second verse of the satirical song ‘Little Boxes’ by Malvina Reynolds (1963). The

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Mumpreneur: Positive or Negative?

Having written last week about being a Mum and working flexibly around your family, I have been thinking about the term “Mumpreneur”.  I know that the term made it into the OED at the end of last year and that this caused a bit of a debate to arise.  There are many who seem to find the term derogatory, and

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